Sonic Air Hockey


  • Four-player air hockey table.
  • Can accommodate two, three, or four players.
  • SEGA Sonic branding – revamped for 2016!
  • Scratch-resistant playing field.
  • LED and UV lighting.


Sonic Sports Air Hockey is the fantastic Sega-branded classic air hockey game. It features unmistakable Sonic All-Stars branding in red, white and blue, freshly revamped for 2016 with new Sonic-themed sound effects. With striking LED lights and excellent build quality, Sega has created an exciting air hockey game for two, three or four players.

The Sonic Sports Air Hockey Table is built for longevity with a specially coated surface that reduces friction and wear, and is supplied with a lighting rig that sits over the action to ensure that the field is evenly lit. The ultraviolet lights are sure to make an impression, while scores and winning players are clearly indicated on electronic signs.

This four-player table can accommodate two, three or four players at the same time and measures 229cm deep, 168cm wide and 216cm high.

  • Sonic Sports Air Hockey Table Features:
  • Ticket redemption.
  • 2 – 4 players.
  • Sonic All-Stars branding.
  • Dual ticket dispensers.
  • Scratch-resistant playfield.
  • Centre and side safety guards.
  • Chasing LED around playfield and puck release.
  • UV overhead lighting gantry.
  • Dimensions: 229cm (L) x 168cm (W) x 216cm (H).
  • Product Weight: 289kg.

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